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The Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania Has Historic 2022 Election


HARRISBURG, PA – In the 2022 midterm election cycle, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania fielded more legislative candidates than in the past three decades, received more votes than any previous midterm, and maintained official party status through a midterm for the first time in twenty years.

“This was a historic election for us,” said B.J. Hebenthal, Chair of the LPPA’s Election Committee. “I want to thank all our candidates and volunteers for the countless hours and hard work they put in. The Libertarian Party is staying on the ballot.”

Pennsylvania election law dictates that a political body must receive two percent of the largest vote in a statewide election and do so in at least ten counties to receive official party status. The LPPA accomplished that in forty-two of Pennsylvania’s sixty-seven counties.

“Pennsylvania election law suppresses third parties by running taxpayer-funded primaries for only the Republicans and Democrats,” said Rob Cowburn, Chair of the LPPA. “We have 45,000 registered libertarians in this state and our top vote getter this election will almost double that. Throughout the state we hear people’s frustration over the election status quo and the lack of good options in the ballot box. The Libertarian Party is growing and will build on this momentum to deliver more and better choices to the people of Pennsylvania.”

The Libertarian Party is the party of peace, prosperity, and freedom. Visit to learn more.

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