How To Help

Easy Things To Do

Vote for Libertarian candidates.

Sign up for LPAC email announcements in the footer of this page.

Come to one of our events.

Become a dues-paying member or donate to the LPAC.

Become a dues-paying member, or donate, to your state LP.

If your state has voter registration, change your voter registration to Libertarian.

Put a Libertarian bumpersticker on your car.

Join the Libertarian Party of Pittsburgh Facebook group.

Order a Libertarian Party t-shirt.

Order doorhangers and distribute them around your neighborhood.

Put a Libertarian Party sign in your yard.

Fill out our volunteer form.

Order wallet-sized copies of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and distribute them.

Buy some Libertarian promotional brochures and distribute them.

Donate to a Libertarian candidate.

Volunteer to help a Libertarian candidate.

Become a candidate and run for office.

Contact your state or local party and get involved.

Play Who’s Driving?