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How To Help

Easy Things To Do


  1. Vote for Libertarian candidates.

  2. Sign up for LPAC email announcements in the footer of this page.

  3. Come to one of our events.

  4. Become a dues-paying member or donate to the LPAC.

  5. Become a dues-paying member, or donate, to your state LP.

  6. If your state has voter registration, change your voter registration to Libertarian.

  7. Join the Libertarian Party of Pittsburgh Facebook group.

  8. Order a Libertarian Party t-shirt.

  9. Order doorhangers and distribute them around your neighborhood.

  10. Put a Libertarian Party sign in your yard.

  11. Fill out our volunteer form.

  12. Order wallet-sized copies of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and distribute them.

  13. Buy some Libertarian promotional brochures and distribute them.

  14. Donate to a Libertarian candidate.

  15. Volunteer to help a Libertarian candidate.

  16. Become a candidate and run for office.

  17. Contact your state or local party and get involved.

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