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LPAC Social Media Update

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

We've revamped our social media presence on both Twitter and Facebook (FB) as part of our strategy to grow the party and build political awareness about libertarianism and the LP. There's a lot to that, including targeting regional coalitions on issues where disparate groups share a libertarian opinion even if the other groups aren't libertarian on other issues. Our goal is to advance the cause, but also to help anyone watching learn that the LP is the only party and philosophy running candidates reliably against interventionist US foreign policy.

As mentioned, we presently use Twitter and FB. FB has two areas with activity, although only one is the formal area for projecting LP Allegheny communications. That is our Party FB page. We also have a party FB "group", which is intended for local libertarian conversation. Twitter is a different concept, and designed less around building a formal community than it is for projecting "hot takes" which are then ideally circulated by our members to improve views. Both FB and Twitter will increasingly be used to tie in our strategy campaigns at a variety of levels, and we need your help to get to the next level!

How you can help RIGHT NOW!

Subscribe to our social media feeds by searching for the "Libertarian Party of Allegheny" directly in Twitter or Facebook, which will bring you to our resources, or using the links below.

"Like", share/ forward, and comment on our content. Social media pays its bill with interaction, and the more positive interaction our posts get, the more the algorithms they use will promote our content to be seen by more people

On Facebook: While you can request to join the Facebook Group for some conversation, we encourage you to like and follow our Facebook page. The latter is where you can share / forward our formal feeds. Facebook Group might have conversation you'll like, but it's confined to the group itself. If you're a libertarian, you know all too well we have a tendency to just talk to each other and debate. But the goal of our LP formal presence is to advance politics, grow the party, and achieve liberty. Not talk among ourselves! So, sure -- join the group, but please help us be the best LP we can be by following our official Facebook LP Party Page!

Volunteer your time. Even an hour a week is helpful to our cause, and we'll get you involved quickly! (see more below)

Click below to view our social media sites! --->

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