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The Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania Fields Most Candidates In Decades


Harrisburg, PA, August 8, 2022 – The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has fielded the most legislative candidates in nearly thirty years. On the ballot this November will be candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, two for the Pennsylvania Senate, and seventeen for the Pennsylvania House.

“The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is in a strong position,” said Rob Cowburn, Chair of the LPPA. “Approval of the two major parties is tanking. People are disenfranchised. They’re struggling and looking for solutions. All of our libertarian candidates understand this. They place people, and principle, and freedom, and rights over party or politics. Our political system has failed the people of Pennsylvania, and it’s time to change it.”

Pennsylvania election law categorized the Libertarian Party as a “minor political party,” meaning they are not given primaries paid by taxpayers, but instead must collect thousands of signatures to reach the ballot.

“The rules are made by the establishment,” Cowburn said. “They’re designed specifically to keep other voices and more choices out of the system. But the people of Pennsylvania deserve better, and we’re fighting to provide them the voices they deserve.”


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2022 LPPA Candidates

United States Senate: Erik Gerhardt

1st Congressional District: Caroline Avery

Governor of Pennsylvania: Matt Hackenburg

Lt. Governor of PA: Tim McMaster

PA Senate District 6: Brandon Bentrim

PA Senate District 40: Joel Getz III

PA House District 1: Michael Thomas

PA House District 11: Gregory Deal

PA House District 12: Wendi Farmer

PA House District 36: Ross Sylvester

PA House District 41: Favyan Asia

PA House District 91: Neil Belliveau

PA House District 98: Joshua Gerber

PA House District 109: Thomas Anderson

PA House District 132: Matthew Schutter

PA House District 141: Anthony Portillo

PA House District 145: Lula VanLiew

PA House District 163: Alfeia Goodwin

PA House District 166: Edward Clifford

Pa House District 168: James Mitchell

PA House District 176: Autumn Pangia

PA House District 178: Brittany Kosin

PA House District 194: Torren Danowski

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