SEPTEMBER20 Meeting Minutes Libertrian Party of Allegheny County

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Meeting Minutes of Board of Libertarian Party of Allegheny County

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1. Libert a rian Party of Allegheny County Meeting Minutes Sep t ember 1 6 , 2020 Online Google Meet hosted by Bruce Letterle I. Call to order Bruce Letterle called to order the regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County at 7 : 0 8 pm on Sep t ember 1 6 , 2020 on a Google Meet conference call hosted by Bruce Letterle . II. Roll call Bill Baierl conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Bill Baierl, Henry Haller, Bruce Letterle, Sam Robb, David Soltesz, and David Vesely. John Odermatt, Harold Kyriazi and Dan Sullivan w ere absent. III. Approval of minutes from last meeting Minutes of August meeting were accepted unanimously on a motion made by Henry H. and seconded by Dave S . and passed unanimously. IV. Committee Reports a) Political Committee – No report. Bill B. requested signage for the Jorgensen Campaign be addressed in New Business. b) Communications – No report. c) Outreach – No report . Chair (Dan S.) has resigned from the board . Discussed in New Business d) IT – No report. e) Finance – No report. No substantial change from August balance of $2,649.80 f) Fundraising /Membership – 2 new members. 0 expired members. V. Old Business a) Proposed c hanges to the by - laws were tabled. Henry H. v olunteered to recommend language for proposed by - law changes to be reviewed at October meeting. VI. New business  Nomination of officers . At November board meeting officers are to be elected. It was agreed to nominate all current officers. Discussion of se eking new board members including new Outreach chair.  Jorgensen Campaign. Sam R. reported on campaign fundraisers. T - shirt available on website has raised $5k to buy signs. Raising money by selling signs. Signs are available for $2 per plus shipping in quantities of 25+. Motion made by Bill B. and second ed by Henry H. to spend $300 from treasury plus individual donations to order signs for Allegheny County including poll sites. Motion passed unanimously. VII. Adjournment Bruce L . moved to adjourn, and John Odermatt seconded. Bruce L . adjourned the meeti ng at 8: 0 9 pm . Minutes submitted by : Bill Baierl Minutes approved by : Bruce Letterle


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