October 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting Octo ber 16 , 2019 Board Members in Attendance David V. ( Chair), Josh (Secretary), John (Treasurer), Bruce, Harold, Henry (At - Large) ; Quorum Reached Political Committee (Josh, Bill , Harold): It is 2 0 days until Election Day . We have sent out an email to members promoting Lisa Middleman ’ s candidacy and showing how to donate or volu nteer . We are planning to continue to help with canvassing individually and go to Lisa ’ s events. We will also plan to atte nd her election night party. We have received contact from a potential 2021 m ayoral candidate. We are begi n n ing planning now for ways to field 2020 and 2021 candidates. Communications ( David S., Bill, Bruce) : Bruce sent out a newsletter before the meeting and plans to do so more often. We are hoping to be able to use our email addresses and create calls to action to encourage people to donate and join. IT (Bruce, David S. ): We did not have much news in I T. Bruce is working to create more content for the site. Our Facebook page is now over 100 likes and creating some traction for the party. Outreach (John , Josh ): We definitely want to have more social events like we did at The Vault. We have reached out to the Middleman campaign to make connections. While the convention for 2020 was awarded to Philadelphia, we want to work to get the convention for 2021. We also want to begin planning now for events like Pride. We are planning to have our annual holiday party in December in lieu of a meeting. We will hope to have it in the same spot as last year, but will need to confirm. Henry is going to send a letter to expired members to try to get them to rejoin the party. Finance (John): John dispersed $9 . 99 this month and took in $2 3.00 due to a new member joining via PayPal . We sit at $2,678.83 in the general fund, so we are slowly growing the amount we have. Fundraising (David V., Henry): We are still planning to sell merchandise to raise funds and awareness. We will continue to come up with objectiv es which we can use to ask others for money. Motions: this meeting was the deadline for nominations for the 2021 executive board. We re - nominated all 8 members of the existing board, with 1 at - large spot still v acant. All but Josh accepted re - nomination. Bruce accepted nomination as secretary , so we therefore have nominations for all positions, with 2 vacancies for at - large positions . We will extend nomination periods and send out an email to accept nominations; after that we can have elections via paper ballots. Next Meeting: Novem ber 20 , 2019


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