November 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting November 20 , 2019 Board Members in Attendance David V. ( Chair), Josh (Secretary) , Bruce, Bill, Harold, Henry (At - Large) ; Quorum Reached Political Committee (Josh, Bill , Harold): Our group had a very good Election Day 2019 as far as being involved, as several of our members worked polls for Lisa Middleman and several others attended her Election Night party. Unfortunately, she lo st in part due to 72K straight - ticket votes am ong 269K total votes cast. Nonetheless, we helped prove our value as a political party. Communications ( David S., Bill, Bruce): Bruce s ent out a newsletter before and after last meeting and pl ans to do so to promote the coming Holiday Pa rty. IT (Bruce, David S. ): We have been able to engage supporters through Facebook and hope to be able to continue to engage through newsletters and emails. We were able to request votes for this year ’ s executive board through the Secretary Email address. Outreach (John , Josh ): We are planning to have our annual holiday party in December in lieu of a meeting. We have received an approved spot and will have $20 dues to join the party, as usual (motion was proposed and passed unanimously). We also approved buying a booth and walking contingent for Pride 2020. John will buy this. Finance (John): John dispersed $11 . 09 this month and took in $117.2 5 due to several new member s joining and a large donation. We sit at $2,747 .83 in the general fund, so we have had a good year for fundraising. Fundraising (David V., Henry): We will continue to come up with objectives which we can use to ask others for money. Pride is currently our only planned expense. Motions: We held elections. Our new executive board: David Soltesz (Vice Chair and Actin g Chair); Bruce Letterle (Secretary); John Odermatt (Treasurer); Henry Haller, Harold Kyriazi, Dan Sullivan, and David Vesely (A t - L arge) Next Meetin g: December 18 , 2019 (Holiday Party)


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