May 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting May 15 , 2019 Board Members in Attendance David V. (Chair), David S. (Vice Chair), Josh (Secretary), Bruce (At - Large) ; Quorum Reached Political Committee (Josh, Bill , Harold): We continue to search for candidates for races acro s s the county . Primary elections are this Tuesday, so with a set candidate field, we will better be able to examine the major parties ’ nominees an d decide strategy as to which races we should prioritize. We can soon cross - reference vacancies and locations of people on our members list to perhaps solicit candidates. Jason brought up as a potential resource. Communications (David S., Bill, Bruce ): This committee is awaiting the work of other committees to be able to work forward on missions. We will begin sending out mass emails to our existing party list to mobilize excitement and intrigue. We will work on getting blog posts from members for the website. IT (Bruce, David S.): We hav e email addresses for board members and phone number fo r the group. We ’ re working on ge t ting a UPS physical address. Attendee Kyl e will post about the next meeting on NextDoor/ Telegram. Outreach (John, Michael): Outreach has a proposed $1,000 budget for 2019 which would be shared with , and used in conjunction with , P olitical committee . We will work to appear in an official capacity at Pride (June 9 downtown) , Juneteenth BBQ (June 29 at Point State Park), the Regatta (August 3 - 5 downtown) , and any other upcoming events. We will reach out to existing Libertarian Party members throu gh emails and postcards. Finance (John): All necessary persons have given information to allow us to ha ve a bank account. Once completed by John, we can begin the process of dispensing and accepting funds. Fundraising (David V., Henry): We are still working on making pitches for poten tial donors so they have a reason to give money. Board members should come up with goals that can be proposed so that people want to join and contribute to the group. We discussed potentially requesting funds from the State Party, which is something David V. will work on doing. Motions: (1) allow payments/disbursements by debit card and/or PayPal (motion passed unanimously ) (2) motion to fill vacancy on Executive Board (motion tabled until next meeting , pending discussion among existing Board members ) Next Meeting: June 19, 2019 ( tentatively , given pending absences of B o ard members)


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