March 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Libertarian Par ty of Allegheny County Meeting March 21, 2019 Board Members in Attendance David V. (Chair) , David S. (Vice Chair), Josh (Secretary), John (Treasurer), Bruce (At - Large), Henry (At - Large); Quorum Reached Political Committee (Josh, Bill , Harold): Bill, Bruce, and Josh h ad a conference call on Tuesday to discuss the hundreds of elections/dozens of vacancies and how best to organize them on spreadsheets and Odoo. We are still looking for candidates , but this may start with explaining to individuals the advantages of running LP as oppos ed to independent and what we can provide. To that end, we need organization/funds to entice candidates. As discussed on the conference call, it is unlikely that we can run losing primary candidates due to PA sore loser laws. We should select a few key ele ctions to focus upon (District Attorney being the major prize this year) and strategically expend our resources accordingly. Commun i cations (David S. , Bill, Bruce): Bruce has created email addresses for all board positions and has also cre ated a phone number for the organization. We will have to explore creating a physical address (around $10/month). We should make the Facebook group into a page to promote engagement, and if successful attempt Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram etc. We can then pro mote events and legi tim ize the organization. IT (Bruce, David S.): Bruce continues to build the site. We should attempt to create blogs (300 - 600 words) which can be spread throughout social media and catch local attention. It is a priority to make it e asier to donate online, which is currently being completed through work done by John and David V. Outreach (John, Michael): We will be attending Pride in June in the parade as planned. We may change the shirts idea to buttons for cost efficiency. David V. will get in contact with his cousin about any production. Josh will check CafePress for rates. We need the bank account to pay for these expenses. David S. recommended Earth Day events in the area. There is also a marijuana festival in the near future, th ough it appears to be in Lancaster. Finance (John): John and David V. hav e received information on the bank account. We ’ re inching closer to having access to the funds and determining our legal status. At that point, we can come up wi th disbursements and pitch ideas to prospec tive members about projects for which we need financing. Fundraising (David V., Henry): We can attempt to sell aforementioned merchandise which we produce for Pride, so long as it is at a reasonable cost. If they don ’ t sell at Pride, we can attempt to sell on the site once we set up the bank account. Bruce tabled three (3) motions for discussion at the next meeting: of ficially changing the name ; modifyi ng the existing executive board; and requi ring budget report s for each committee. Next Meeting: April 17, 2019


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