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Minutes of Board Meeting of Libertarian Party of Allegheny County 3/18/20

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2. a) Whether we should add board members to LPAC was discussed. Having more active participants in elections, petitions, et cetera. b) Dave V. mentioned w e should set our sights on hosting State Convention in 2024 and perhaps cohost with Westmoreland County in 2021. c) Henry Haller reported he is chairing the LPPa. Platform Committee subject to confirmation at April meeting. VII. Adjournment Bill Baierl moved to adjourn and Henry Haller seconded. Bruce Letterle adjourned the meeting at 8:22 pm . Minutes submitted by : Bill Baierl Minutes approved by : Bruce Letterle

1. Libert a rian Party of Allegheny County Meeting Minutes March 18 , 2020 First Online Board Meeting of LPAC Board I. Call to order Bruce Letterle called to order the regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County at 7 :13 pm on March 18 , 20 20 on a Zoom video conference call hosted by John Odermatt . II. Roll call Bill Baierl conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Bill Baierl, Henry Haller, Harold Kyriazi, Bruce Lett er le, John Odermatt, David Soltesz, Dan Sullivan and Dav id Vesely . Sean Matusin and Sam Robb (LP Presidential Candidate) were guest s . III. Approval of minutes from last meeting The minutes of the February 2020 meeting were approved as read on motion made by David Vesely, seconded by John Odermatt. IV. Committee Repo rts a) Political Committee – Offices up for Election in 2020 in Allegheny County include US President, All Representatives in US Congress; Pennsylvania Auditor, Attorney General and Treasurer; All State Representatives and State Senators in Senate Districts 37 , 43 & 45 . Maps are available of US Rep., PA Rep. and PA Sen. districts. b) Communications – Bruce Let t erle reported there was no newsletter since last meeting but will be producing one after this meeting . David V. would like LPAC to host state convention a nd will contact them after the meeting. c) Outreach – no report . d) IT – we are switching email addresses and setting up board email . e) Finance – Balance of $2,493.93 . f) Fundraising /Membership – Sending membership renewals . Currently 27 paid members. We currently h ave around 600 email addresses with over 5,000 Libertarian registered voters in Allegheny County. Discussed efficacy of mailing post cards to registered Libertarians with a solicitation for their email address to enter a drawing. Harold Kyriazi moved and Bill Baierl seconded to budget $150 to mail to a small segment to test the approach. Passed unanimously. V. Old Business a) Green Party request for LPAC to endorse their candidate for State H ouse 45 was responded to by LPPa . We cannot endorse candidates of o ther parties. b) Proposed changes to the by - laws was tabled to a later meeting to be announced. VI. New business


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