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Minutes of June 2020 Meeting of the Board of the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County

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1. Libert a rian Party of Allegheny County Meeting Minutes Ju ne 1 7 , 2020 Online Board Meeting of LPAC Board I. Call to order Bruce Letterle called to order the regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County at 7 : 18 pm on Ju ne 1 7 , 2020 on a Google Meet conference call hosted by Bruce Letterle . II. Roll call Bill Baierl conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Bill Baierl, Henry Haller, Harold Kyriazi, Bruce Letterle, John Odermatt, David Soltesz, Dan Sullivan, David Vesely, and Sam Robb . Joe Ziegler and Ben Heilman were guest s . III. Approval of minutes from last meeting John Fetzko from the state committee was scheduled to attend but did not actually attend. With that correction previous minutes were accepted . Motion by Henry H. and seco nd by Harold K. IV. Committee Reports a) Political Committee - forming list for 2021 Municipal elections. Aug. 3 deadline for petitions. Sam Robb reported no word yet on lawsuit over petitions. Also Sam is the Pennsylvania Head Volunteer Coordinator for Jorgensen Campaign. Lookin g for Coordinator for Allegheny County. b) Communication Committee - no report. c) IT Committee - no report. d) Finance - $2,679. John Odermatt moved that we downgrade our participation in the Pride Parade from table to walking. After some discussion the motion was withdrawn. e) Fundraising/Membership - 2 new members. A few reminders are going out. f) Outreach - no report. V. O ld Business a) Proposed c hanges to the by - laws were tabled to a later mee ting to be announced. b) Sam Robb nominated for open seat on board . Bill Baierl moved Sam Robb be nominated for At - Large Seat on the Board , seconded by David Vesely. VI. New business J oseph Zeigler volunteered to be Volunteer Coordinator for Allegheny County. LP Pa moved this Saturday's meeting to next Saturday. Joe Zeigler recommended we get a profile pic on our meet up page. Adjournment Adjourned at 9:02 mo v ed by Bruce L. second by Henry Haller Minutes submitted by : Bill Baierl Minutes approved by : Bruce Letterle


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