June 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting June 26, 2019 Board Members in Attendance David V. (Chair), David S. (Vice Chair), Josh (Secretary), John (Treasurer), Bill (At - Large), Bruce (At - Large) , Harold (At - Large), Henry (At - Large) ; Quorum Reached Political Committee (Josh, Bill , Harold): Our meeting began with a 30 minute speech and question - and - answer session with Darwin Leuba , the Campaign Manager for Independent Attorney Gen eral candidate Lisa Middleman. He passed out nomination petitions , which we signed and collected to spread around the county. We will send questions to Ms. Middleman about her platform to determine whether we will give an official endorsement. Bill will work on finding vacant positions to field possible candidates. Communications (David S., Bill, Bruce): We have gotten a physical addres s, which we will post to the we bsite. We sent out emails to the members list about changing the date for this meeting . We are still working on getting blog posts for the site. IT (Bruce, David S.): We will disseminate the email addresses for board membe rs . Bruce received an email with a request for a survey response, which he will send out to the board. Outreach (John, Michael): Pride on June 9 was a resounding success, with 6 members in attendance, and 100 buttons and 2 50 literature pieces handed out . More upcoming events a re the Juneteenth BB Q (June 29 at Point State Park) and the Regatta (August 3 - 5 downtown) . Lisa Middleman has her first public event this Sunday, which we will work to attend. Finance (John): Secretary Josh signed necessary papers for the bank account. All necessary hurdles have now been cleared, and we should soon be able to accept and disperse funds via debit card and PayPal. Fundraising (David V., Henry): We welcomed two new members at the meeting, Jason and Amy, who therefore added to our existing funds. We will review existing funds and take into consideration how we can best use them to enact our agenda items and expand the party structure. Motions: (1 ) motion to fill vacancy on Executive Board with no one (motion passed unanimously ) Next Meeting: July 17 , 2019


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