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1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting July 17 , 2019 Board Members in Attendance Josh (Secretary), John (Treasurer), Bill, Bruce, Harold , Henry (At - Large) ; Quorum Reached Political Committee (Josh, Bill , Harold): Bill compiled a listing of all viable options for Li bertarians to potentially win. We will reach out to Libertarians in those areas via USPS, email and phone to gauge interest . We only have until the end of the month to gather signatures. Josh attended the Lisa Middleman kickoff and she adequately addressed our few questions. We will therefore suspend our plans to field a Libertarian candidate in the DA election. Communic ations ( David S., Bill, Bruce): We h ave gotten a physical address, which is now paid for . We have dispersed all of the official email addresse s to the relevant board members. Bruce sent out hopefully the first of many monthly newsletters detailing the latest goings - on with the Party. We are still working on getting blog posts for the site. David S. proposed a T - shirt design which we all approve of; the next step is to seek out prices. We could potentially put this design on hats, mugs, and other merchandise on top of shirts to ea sily raise money. IT (Bruce , David S. ): Now that we have o pened our bank account, we are prepared to post to the websit e to allow for donations and memberships via PayPal. Outreach (John , Josh ): We were unable to have a presence at Juneteenth, but Regatta is upcoming (August 3 - 5 downtown) . Lisa Middleman has asked us to put on a “ Libertarians for Lisa ” event which could serve a joint purpose of helping her campaign and our organization. We have brainstormed a potential “ game night ” wherein proceeds could be split, or at the very least, we would increase visibility. We will research ideas before the next meeting. David S. wants to do regular social events, which we all agreed was a good idea. We will brainstorm what we want to do and if we want a regular date each month or something different each time. Ben is hosting a book club at Panera Bread in Fox Chapel on July 26 at 6:30PM. AFF is hosting trivia tomorrow. Finance (John): John disper s ed $33 .97 to himself for the cost of the physical address and also $190.00 to Josh for the costs of Pride. We now sit at $2,650.03 in the general fund. Political/Outreach have used $190.00 of th eir total requested $1, 000.00 2019 budget. We will await budgets from the rest of the committees. Fundraising (David V., Henry): David V. wanted to explore potentially buying growlers with our chapter ’ s logo upon them. We decided that we need more detai ls before approving the expenditure. David V. also asked Amy to research venues for the 2020 state convention; she searched the area and needs a budget. The most reasonable thus far is the Doublet ree Hilton . Motions: (1 ) motion to endorse Lisa Middleman for DA (motion passed unanimously ) Next Meeting: August 21 , 2019


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