January 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes of January 20, 2020 Ritter's Diner

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1. Libert a rian Party of Allegheny County Meeting Minutes January 15, 2020 I. Call to order Bruce Letterle was elected Chair; Bill Baierl filled vacancy at Secretary created by Bruce vacating the position. Bruce Letterle called to order the regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County at 7 :10 pm on January 15, 2020 at Ritter’s Diner . II. Roll call Bill Baierl conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Bruce Lett er le, David Vesely, David Sol tesz , Henry Haller and Harold Kyriazi. Dan Sullivan and John Odermatt were absent. Sam R . and Paul S . were guests. III. Approval of minutes from last meeting The re were no minutes from the December meeting as it was the holiday social. The minutes of the November meeting were approved as read on motion made by David Vesely, seconded by Bill Baierl IV. Committee Reports a) Political Committee – No report. Will compile a l ist of 2020 Offices up for Election in Allegheny County b) Communications – Bruce Let t erle reported that an email was sent to all email addresses in the database c) Outreach – There was a discussion of what issues would be appropriate for events or other outreach efforts with reviewing candidates, PLCB , non - interventionist foreign policy and second amendment being mentioned. Dan Sullivan was nominated to join Outreach Committee. d) IT – no report. e) Finance – we have a significant balance, details to follow. f) Fundrais ing – No report. V. Old Business a) Changes to By - Laws will be read before February meeting. VI. New business a) There was discussion about how Outreach and Fundraising Committees could send a post card to all the physical addresses we have in the voter database, inviting to send us their email, make aware of our website and other engagement efforts. Bruce offered to assist or pull the list. VII. Adjournment Bruce Letterle adjourned the meeti ng at 8:50 pm . Minutes submitted by : Bill Baierl Minutes approved by : Bruce Letterle


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