January 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting: 1/16/2019 Board Members in Attendance: David V. (Chair), David S. (Vice Chair), Josh (Secretary), John (Treasurer), Bruce (At - Large), Bill (At - Large), Harold (At - Large), Henry (At - Large) Quorum Reached - This is the first meeting of the year. Several members paid dues at the Holiday Party and several more paid today to become official members of the LPAC. - Committees are being established within the group to achieve specific goals. They include: Political; Communications; IT; Out reach; Finance; and Fundra i sing. Each committee will be headed by at least one board member and new/existing members are free to join. - Political committee (Josh/Bill) is tasked with finding out which offices are open this year and which LPAC candidates ar e willing to pursue election. Appe ars we can ’ t run in 57 th Special. - Communic ations committee (Bruce ) is tasked with posting new information to the website to assure up - to - datedness and sending out periodic newsletters. - IT committee (Bruce/David S.) is tas ked with finding email addresses for Libertarians across Allegheny and compiling easy - to - navigate outreach lists through Odoo. - Outreach committee (Bill) is tasked with finding fairs, parades and other events where we can promote our party and message. Ove r the summer, there will be several events where this is possible; perhaps most important is Pride in June. - Fi nance (John) will be working on the very important task of get ting information on existing bank acc ount so that we can accept donations online. This would play into building a budget. - Fundraising (John) will find initiatives for the group to spearhe a d so people have a reason to jon and or/donate. Next meeting: 2/20/2019


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