February 2020 Minutes

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2. f) Fundraising – No report. Looking forward – how do we raise money to send direct mail, probably post card, to all physical addresses of Libertarians in Allegheny County. V. Old Business a) Changes to By-Laws. Dan Sullivan agreed to codify the changes proposed for the March Board meeting VI. New business a) Bruce shared an effort in New Hampshire, NHLiberty.org where Dennis Pratt, a popular Coro publisher, rates legislators in NH grading them on how libertarian their stances/votes are. Bruce secured the URL PALiberty.org. b) Repeated from discussion with Green Party of Allegheny County – what are the rules we operate under regarding endorsing or otherwise working with candidates of other parties? Are there opportunities to create fusion among minor parties? VII. Adjournment Bruce Letterle adjourned the meeting at 9:03 pm. Minutes submitted by: Bill Baierl Minutes approved by: Bruce Letterle

1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting Minutes February 19, 2020 I. Call to order Bruce Letterle called to order the regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County at 7:20 pm on February 19, 2020 at Ritter’s Diner. II. Roll call Bill Baierl conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Bill Baierl, Harold Kyriazi, Bruce Letterle, John Odermatt, Dan Sullivan and David Vesely. David Soltesz and Henry Haller were absent. Tom Daily was a guest. Tom Daily, Green Party of Allegheny County was given the floor to introduce a proposal prior to the board meeting. Garret Wasserwan, votegarret.org, is running as a Green Party candidate for Representative in the 45 th PA House District. Mr. Daily was seeking the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County endorsement or at least not run a candidate in the district. Both Green and Libertarian parties endorsed Littleman for County District Attorney in 2019. There was discussion of areas of convergence and divergence. Question was raised whether we are allowed to endorse a candidate of another party. Littleman ran as an independent. It was concluded someone would get a response at the state meeting in March. We took Mr. daily’s request and comments under advisement and agreed to continue the discussion. Mr. Daily left the meeting. III. Approval of minutes from last meeting The minutes of the January 2020 meeting were approved as read on motion made by David Vesely, seconded by Bill Baierl IV. Committee Reports a) Political Committee – No report. Will compile a list of 2020 Offices up for Election in Allegheny County. Turzai vacating his seat and an article in the WSJ that this race was a bellwether for the nation was shared. b) Communications – Bruce Letterle reported that an email was sent to all email addresses in the database since state convention and a blog post. Recommended sending emails after board meetings. Later discussion on efficacy of direct mail to all physical addresses from database (includes all registered Libertarians in Allegheny County) affects Communications and is therefore mentioned here. c) Outreach – There was a discussion having printed material to distribute at various meetings of other groups throughout the County. Bruce mentioned that he could print material. Liberty on the Rocks and the Libertarian Book group were specifically mentioned. d) IT – no report. e) Finance – Pride parade is going to run $300. As there is some fracturing amongst the base of that event it was understood we should rethink this going forward.


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