February 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting: 2/20/2019 Board Members in Attendance: David V. (Chair), Josh (Secretary), Bill (At - Large), Bruce (At - Large), Henry (At - Large), Harold (At - Large) Quorum Reached We welcomed several first - time attendees to the meeting. - Political C ommittee (Bill/Josh) resea rched all elections in Allegheny and it appears we have compiled exhaustive list. Next step is recruiting c andidates; this has been posted to the website. - Communications (Bruce) is working on the website and improving its viability. We discussed blogs where we would share articles from other sites in addition to original content. - IT (Bruce) is considering giving email addresses to the board members which can be forwarded on to future office holders, so as to allow for the public to communicate with us and grant us legiti macy. We are also reviewing listings of existing Libertarians. - Outreach (Bill) has created recurring events on Facebook for our meeti ngs so that it is much, much easier to remember and get new people to come. We held a vote to put $200 toward Pride and it passed unanimously. This would be $60 for a walking contingent plus handouts, t - shirts, banners, etc. We will fundraise if nec e ssary . We discussed potentially sending postcards to Li bertarians in the area to get information and fundraise. - Finance (John) has not yet found out the status of the bank account (address, legal status of the org , etc . ) and this is a priority . We have reached out to past office holders. People need to b e able to join /donate online. I f enough is raised, we could explore new venue s for meetings. - Fundraising ( John) must come up with a good elevator pitch as to why people should join with perhaps select area issues highlighted . This would potentially be included o n the postcards. New Member Joel is interested in helping with events. Next meeting: 3/20/2019


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