April 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Libertarian Party of Allegheny County Meeting April 17 , 2019 Board Members in Attendance David V. (Chair), David S. (Vice Chair), Josh (Secretary), John (Treasurer), Bill (At - Large), Bruce (At - Large), Harold (At - Large), Henry (At - Large); Quorum Reached Political Committee (Josh, Bill , Harold): Bill has uploaded to the web site a searchable list of all races in Allegheny County. He noted many entries listed as “ vacant , ” which could be fertile g round for any of our potential candidates. Bill brought up Crystal, MN as an example of where LP candidates have been successful. Deadline for ballot access signatures is August 1. David S. noted that we should keep aware of any upcoming r eferenda in order to take public stances . Communications (David S., Bill, Bruce): We cr eated a Facebook page which has 50+ followe rs . We aim to produce original blog s fro m members which can be pos ted on the website and promoted via Facebook. Bill volunteered to write about the aforementioned Crystal , MN. IT (Bruce, David S.): W e have email addresses for board members and phone number fo r the group. Attendee Kyl e volunteered to post about the group on NextDoor/ Telegram. Outreach (John, Michael): David S. noted rising libertarian attitude s of Gen Z. We discussed visit ing high schools to promote our values, though we need to first find adequate opportunity to do this. New attendee Jason discussed brin ging lessons on libertarian economics to these local schools. We also want to still make our pres ence felt at upcoming Pittsburgh festivals, including Pride (June 9 downtown) ( unanimously vot ed to raise funds to $200) , Juneteenth BBQ (June 29 at Point State Park), the Regatta (August 3 - 5 downtown) , and any other upcoming events. Finance (John): John has been working very diligently to get our bank information. We are now on the cusp of accessing our funds, which now total $2,848.00. We had had a prior board member ’ s Social Secur ity number rather than an EIN. W e will begin process toward getting an EIN and removing old board members from the account and grant ing acces s to only John and David V . (vote held to confirm this move passed unanimously) . We will allot $20/ month in funds to finance a UPS physical address (vote held to confirm this move passed unanimously) . Fundraising (David V., Henry): Our next big fundraising endeavor will be at Pride, wherein we hope to sell some of the excess merchandise we purchase for the event. We are working toward getting budgets for each committee to have a “ pitch ” when we solicit donations. Motions: (1) officially change name to Libertarian Party of Allegheny County (unanimously passed) ; (2) mandate annual budget reports for each committee (unanimously passed) ; (3) modify the existing executive board (motion tabled to next meeting pending notice to relevant parties ) ; (4) endorse Jesse Skibo for Fallowfield Township Supervisor pending endorsement by Libertarian Part y of Washington County (unanimously passed) ; (5) allow payments/ disbu rsements by debit card and/or PayPal (motion tabled to next meeting) Next Meeting: May 15 , 2019


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