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Seven Reasons to Vote for the Libertarian Party

Why should libertarians vote for the Libertarian Party? The short answer is that "libertarian" is right there in the name. If that's good enough for you, thank you for your vote for our candidates, you can stop reading now. But if you're one of those "small l" libertarians who want to know why you should vote for the Libertarian Party candidate instead of the candidate with the D or R by their name who is closest to your views, read on.

Gary Johnson brings competitive fundraising to US Senate race in NM

The Gary Johnson campaign for U.S. Senate in New Mexico is raising serious money from small donors, according to Federal Election Commission reports. Johnson announced his campaign with the Libertarian Party in mid-August, and has already raised more than $235,000.

Libertarian candidates are great in debates, so opponents collude to exclude them

On Oct. 8, the Indiana Debate Commission staged a debate between candidates on the ballot for senator from Indiana, Republican Mike Braun, Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly, and Libertarian Lucy Brenton. Lucy arguably won the debate, and invited people to follow her with the hashtag #ILoveLucy. Even Donnelly said, “I love Lucy too.”

Kerns Announces Record-Breaking Q3 Fundraising

On Thursday, U.S. Senate candidate Dale Kerns (L-PA) announced that his campaign is reporting over $35,000 in funds to the Federal Election Commission since the beginning of July, setting a new record for a single quarter by a third-party U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania.