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Gary Johnson running for U.S. Senate

Libertarian Party (LP) presidential candidate Gary Johnson (2012, 2016) accepted the New Mexico LP’s nomination on Aug. 13 for the U.S. senate race there. Johnson will be going up against incumbent Democrat Martin Heinrich and Republican challenger Mark Rich.

What Would Elected Libertarians Do?

Voters often ask Libertarians what they would actually do to change policy if they were elected. What would a Libertarian society look like? It’s a fair question. Through research, campaigning, press releases, and other forms of outreach, Libertarians at all levels do work on explaining the nuts and bolts of how to promote freedom through changes to public policy in ways that can’t be summed up by simple slogans like “maximize your freedom” or “increase your liberty.”


“Out of control!”, insisted Ken Krawchuk, the Libertarian Party candidate for Pennsylvania Governor. “The drug war is out of control. The police are out of control. Pennsylvania’s leadership is out of control. It’s long past time we bring some sanity back to the Commonwealth. It’s long past time to vote Libertarian. Enough is enough!”