Pennsylvania Libertarian Party calls for fair voting reform

In 2020, unprecedented circumstances affected our elections. Unfortunately, both major parties have used the pandemic to push partisan agendas

The Democrats worked to change election law in their favor, championing changes in the dates and methods of voting. At the same time, they worked to deny pandemic relief to their competitors. They intervened in a minor party court case to argue against easing face-to-face signature requirements. They claimed that approaching thousands of voters did not present a threat to public health, and that lock-down orders, restrictions to large gatherings and social-distancing recommendations did not affect the ability to petition for the ballot. They then went on to remove candidates from the ballot in a party-line decision by the PA Supreme Court

Not to be outdone, the Republicans have claimed widespread fraud in the election results. This allegation began long before any votes were ever cast. They have filed several lawsuits casting doubt on the outcome of the election. Most recently, a lawsuit questioning mail-in voting is making its way through the courts. It states that Act 77, which Republicans helped to pass, allowed mail-in ballots outside of the criteria set forth in the Constitution

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania believes that rules around elections should be inclusive and allow the largest number of voters to participate in the electoral process. The 2020 election is behind us, and while it is inevitable that every election has errors, we hope that lessons learned will serve to make future voting even more fair and secure.

Given the partisan nature of changes to election law this year, Libertarians believe that all substantial changes to change the election laws should be undertaken in good faith with the approval of the people by way of constitutional amendment. In addition, such changes must include measures to move elections into the 21st century, like discontinuation of the use of legal-sized paper for nominating petitions, electronic signatures for ballot access, and the implementation of a system like ranked-choice voting, would allow more political philosophies to compete in the democratic process. We believe these changes will serve the people, instead of a partisan list of wants that serves political parties in their pursuit of power.

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania stands for the rights of the people every time, instead of catering to the wants and desires of partisan politicians.

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