One Size Fits All?

If you are buying a bathrobe, then “one size fits all” might entice you to purchase.  However, for almost everything else it is best to tailor things to the individual’s needs and preferences.  Unfortunately, when the government is in charge, it’s almost always “one size fits all.”

This is very apparent in the response to the current pandemic.  Governor Wolf’s decrees apply broadly across the state, regardless of the local conditions.  Thus, Allegheny County, with 925 cases of Covid19 and 38 deaths (as of this writing) is subject to the same rules and restrictions as Philadelphia County, with 7,684 cases and 134 deaths.

We in the Libertarian Party recognize that we are all individuals, with our own needs, desires, and ambitions.  Similarly, our local communities are all different, with differing needs and conditions.  That is why we advocate for government to happen at the local level whenever possible, and not at the state or federal level.  It is time for Governor Wolf to back off, and let the local communities determine how best to deal with this pandemic.