Libertarian Candidates in Allegheny County

November 2021 General Election

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The Libertarian Party of Allegheny County has nominated the following individuals for public office:

Name                                                            Office

Robert William Bates                                   Constable -- Upper St. Clair

Matthew Darwin                                          Constable --- Pittsburgh Ward 8

Andrew Jeremiah Holmes                           Constable --- Bellevue Ward 2

Christie Ann Ketterman                               Constable --- Bethel Park Ward 2

Kamron Krull                                                Constable -- Coraopolis Ward 1

John J. Markiewicz, III                                  Constable --- Hampton

Jeanne Nicole Matucheski                          Auditor, 6 Year Term --- North Fayette

Richard L. McGough, III                              Constable --- Pittsburgh Ward 7

Michael James Prato                                   Auditor, 6 Year Term --- Indiana Township

Jeffery Alan Thomas, II                               Constable --- Ohio Township

Ashley Urlakis                                             Judge of Elections --- South Park District 4

 Please support these candidates when you go to the polls in November!