Kerns Announces Record-Breaking Q3 Fundraising

Libertarian Senate Candidate Doubles Total Funds Reported

On Thursday, U.S. Senate candidate Dale Kerns (L-PA) announced that his campaign is reporting over $35,000 in funds to the Federal Election Commission since the beginning of July, setting a new record for a single quarter by a third-party U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania.

Said Kerns, “We don’t have the luxury that our two opponents have to just be able to turn to lobbyists, special interests, and Super PACs. Our campaign relies purely on everyday Pennsylvanians who have given their time and money to support our message.”

With this strong fundraising quarter, the Libertarian candidate is easily on pace to be the most successful third-party candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania in nearly a century. Kerns and his team look to make a splash in debates hosted by KDKA (Pittsburgh) and WPVI (Philadelphia) in October. “When I get to face Senator Casey and Representative Barletta face-to-face next month on those debate stages, they will no longer be able to hide behind their talking points. They will have to answer to the constituents whom they have failed for decades.”

Kerns has largely spread his name around the Commonwealth through his “Addiction is Not a Crime” town hall meetings, wherein he has spoken to Pennsylvanians about the dangers of the War on Drugs, including how it has negatively impacted his own family. Of the three candidates in November’s race, Kerns is the only one who has proposed overhauling the American drug system to mirror the rehabilitative models in Portugal and Switzerland.

The good fundraising news for the Kerns campaign comes on the heels of the announcement by Muhlenberg College that he is gaining in the polls. In the survey conducted September 13–19, Kerns is the option of 5% of yet-to-decide likely voters when they were asked which candidate they are leaning toward supporting. Casey earns only 22% of those voters, while Barletta receives the support of 14%. A whopping 54% remain unsure of even which way they lean, showing likely upside for Kerns, as he has not received even a fraction of the coverage of the other two candidates.

Kerns is indeed in the final stretch of his already-historic campaign and catching the attention of voters across Pennsylvania. In these last few weeks, he urges Pennsylvanians to register to vote and view his website,, for more information on his campaign.