Ballot Access is Secured in Pennsylvania

We overcame major obstacles

A message from the state chairman, Steve Sheetz.

I wanted to write about the enormous effort everyone put in in the two weeks leading up to petition turn in this past Monday, the third.  I do my best to talk about everyone who has been active within our party, and I enjoy heaping praise on my team, because, well…  I have a praiseworthy team!  

Over 200 volunteers worked to help our party achieve ballot access!  We did not have much time, and our efforts were hamstrung in many areas due to the Covid-19 issues that are still in play.  When it is almost impossible to communicate with people while wearing a mask, (93% of all communication is non-verbal.)  the difficulty lies in the fact that people cannot see us smile, they cannot really tell what we are trying to do, and why we need their help.  

On Monday, many people congratulated me regarding our achievement.  However, I explained the following:

I was only 1 cog in the machine that made this happen.  Hundreds of volunteers spent thousands of hours working.  Our paid petition drive was managed by Jennifer Moore, and that work accounted for 35% of all signatures.  (The LNC recruited and appointed Jennifer to be a member of the national Ballot Access committee because of her work in this drive!)

In some parts of the state, Philly included, there are so many people who will not get close if they can help it, and yet, those of us petitioning managed to collect more than twice the required number.  Were the efforts fruitful in achieving everything we wanted?  For our new normal influenced by Covid-19, we did very well!  With only days to go, we still needed thousands of signatures, people were asking where we were, and none of us who knew were willing to share that information, because we were not in a position to be able to relax about our chances.  We kept working.  Sunday was chaotic for me, I am certain it was chaotic for Kevin, our Executive Director who was out petitioning before organizing and counting about half of the final turn in.  People were turning in petition forms even on Monday!  

There were volunteers coming from all over, most of whom I never met before this particular petition drive!  Kristine and David Womack started in when Kristine asked a question about creating some type of event for Jo Jorgensen that would bring her to the area.  Both Kristine and her husband David drove around with spike all over the eastern half of Pennsylvania!  Stefani and Rebecca Penglase, (along with their mom) did a lot of coordinating with volunteers, and ensuring that petitioners had forms. Joel Getz of Monroe County stepped up to be social media coordinator for the campaign in Pennsylvania, Bonnie Flaherty created a spreadsheet to link petitioners with people who offered to sign the petition.  I named these people because they are not working within the LPPA, but we certainly want them to be!  

My position (helping wherever was needed) I was able to see what most people were up to, and I am so very proud and grateful to everyone who helped carry our torch forward.

This season, despite the huge adversity, our people stepped up, our people were measured, and they were found to be EXCEPTIONAL!  Thank you to all of you who participated in ensuring that so many of our candidates will be on the ballot this November, your hard work and effort is appreciated!


Steve Scheetz