2019 LP PA Convention

The 2019 Annual Convention of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania will be held on Saturday, March 16, 2019, at Bushkill Inn and Conference Center in Bushkill, PA. The business meeting is open and free to all members of the LPPA. Delegate status and voting privileges will be in accordance with the Bylaws. Registration for the annual convention is available at the Evenbrite State Convention Link.

Additional activities, including meals and speakers, have been arranged at the same facility on a paid, ticketed basis. Registration and ticket purchase is available at the Evenbrite Food and Speakers Link.

Although there are no national or statewide legislative or executive elections in 2019, elections for many county and local offices will be held across the state. Historically, this has been the best opportunity for the LPPA to win elections, and currently, Pennsylvania has more elected libertarians than any other state! 2019 will also be important for laying the foundations and strategy for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. It an important time for the state party, with election of officers and consideration of proposed changes to the Bylaws, among other business. Chairman Drew Bingaman urges all members to attend and participate in the Annual Convention.

The current schedule is:

Breakfast 9:00am Speaker Bob Johnston

9:30-10:30 for check in and credentialing

Convention starts time is 10:30am

Convention Lunch Break 12:45pm

Lunch 1:00pm Speaker Alex Merced

Convention 2:15pm

Convention Dinner break 6:15pm

Dinner 6:30pm Speaker Larry Sharpe

Convention 8:00pm if needed

Stay tuned for additional information on schedule changes, hotel accommodations and agenda information.